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Looking to save on money and time while setting up a unit for your industrial, warehouse or any other purposes? Pre engineered buildings structure (PEB) are your best bet.

We, Hyatt Interiors have expertise in providing pre engineered building structure design of all sizes. You state your requirement we fabricate the frames of your building at our state-of-the-art facility at Delhi NCR and assemble them at your site. We use high-grade steel for the structures.

We ensure high quality work at low costs. Work will be completed on-time. Our pre-engineered buildings Structure are of low-maintenance and sustainable. We also ensure that the steel is not corroded faster with our unique industrial pinging capabilities.

Apart from pre-engineered buildings, we have expertise in various domains of interior designing. We are a reputed company that manufacturer, suppliers and exporter goods related to Pre engineered Architecture design Services in the country.

Key Features:

         •     Strong and stable building frames

         •      Non-corrosive materials and paintings

         •      Designs for all types of structures

         •      High utility and low-maintenance

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