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"Looking for a simple and elegant yet grander interior design for your hotel or a home? Nothing beats the oriental design in this respect. The design from the traditions of the of the East Asian countries, especially China and Japan. The Oriental Drawing Room Interior Design provides a calm yet grandeur appearance. The East Asian environments and the tradition of Zen are the inspirations for the design. Thus, the interiors imbibe a meditative sense. Natural elements like plants are a key part of this design. The oriental furniture is sleek, occupies less space and has multipurpose utility. It is mostly made up of wood, especially bamboo. Another key feature of an oriental design is the usage of vibrant colours. Based in Delhi NCR, we offer the best oriental interior designs. We manufacture, supply and exporter the furniture and materials that go into an Oriental Drawing Room Design throughout India and abroad. We are the best service provider in fulfilling your utmost desire."

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Key Features:

        •   Natural elements

        •   Vibrant Colours

        •   Spirit of Zen

        •   Grander yet clutter free design