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Approx. Rs 150 / Square Feet

Great must be taken while designing an operation theatre. These spaces must be free from clutter and avoid distractions to the surgeons performing operations. They need to be designed in such a  way that ample amount of light is reflected for proper visibility, free movement of equipment and personnel, ample storage capacity to hold medicines and medical tools, and above all hygienic.

Hyatt Interiors provides such superior Operation Theater Interior Design. We ensure ample amount of lighting is reflected by carefully choosing tiles for floors, paintings for walls and strategically arranging ceiling lights.

Hygiene is maintained by choosing materials that can be cleaned easily. Doors are of fire resistant and the whole space will be designed to be free from noise.

All the materials we use are of high quality sourced from our own facility in Delhi NCR. We are well-reputed company for Operation Theater Interior Design services & Operation Theater Interior Design service provider related to Clinic Designing throughout India and abroad.

Silent Features:

         •    Scientifically proven designs

         •     Standard specifications are maintained

         •     Hygienic setting

         •     Use of high quality materials

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