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  • D/228, Durga Vihar, Phase 2, Najafgarh, New Delhi - 110043, INDIA

Modern industries have shed the tag of being smoky and dreary. Pushed by he constraints of space they are adopting new age designs that optimally utilizes the space and also provide great aesthetic sense to the structure. Also, the modern industries are mandated to provide safe and secure environments to the occupiers of the facility. And one cannot miss the environmentally sustainable designs in the current age.

Considering all these, Hyatt Interior creates industrial designs that fulfils every aspect a modern industry needs. We are the best Industrial Design Service Provider with talented and experienced designers executing the project.

From exterior painting to machinery set up, from lay outing to employee quarters and office space we take care of each and every aspect of the structure. We ensure that the whole facility follows highest safety principles.

Our team of professionals will execute the project within the time limit and with high efficiency. We use high quality materials that are manufactured, supplied and exported form our own facility, Industry Architectural Services, Industrial Architecture Service Provider in Delhi NCR.

Key Features:

        •    Best in class industry design

        •     Sound safety principles

        •     Usage of high quality materials

        •     Optimal usage of space