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For all those who are looking for an interior design that is both vintage and modern, look no further than industrial design. Increasingly being adopted for many apartments, commercial space and modern houses, the Industrial Interior Design lays bare the structure which other designs tries to hide.

In the Industrial Interior Design Services, structural elements like bricks and ceilings are exposed. The furniture generally tends to be minimalist with rustic design. The colour pattern resembles the industrial colours of the old. Metallic colours take predominance.

Industrial interior design service provider allows for creative ideas for optimal usage of the space with great aesthetics. Hyatt Interiors specialises in providing such service. We are a Delhi NCR based interior design company. We have our own manufacturing, supplying and exporting facilities for products and materials related to all kinds of interior designs.

We have a team of trained professionals who understand your needs and execute the way want it to be. Our services are affordable and are of high quality.

Key Features:

         •          Expertise in authentic industrial design

         •          Material and products used are of high quality

         •          Sustainable design

         •          Optimal usage of spac

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