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  • D/228, Durga Vihar, Phase 2, Najafgarh, New Delhi - 110043, INDIA

Approx. Rs 200 / Square Feet

Being a small space, a clinic has only a few moments to gain the trust of the patient. You can ensure credibility of your work at the clinic through Hyatt Interiors specially designed interiors for your clinic.

Based on the space available at the clinic, we create a design that optimally utilises the space. At the same time, the aesthetics and ambience of the space is enhanced through our design. We use fine quality materials for maintenance of hygiene. We generate a sense of grandeur within your limited space.

The furnishings, furniture and decorations are carefully chosen by our expert interior designers for Clinic Interior Design. They execute the project with utmost care. Being a health facility we understand the safety and security concerns. Thus, the materials used are fire proof, free from fungal growths, smooth in texture and avoids injuries at any cost.

We are well-reputed company for Clinic Interior Design services & Clinic Interior Design  service provider related to Clinic Designing throughout India and abroad. We guarantee high quality materials and highly efficient workmanship. Our manufacturing facility is based in Delhi NCR.

Key Features:

          • Optimal utilisation of space

          •  Materials used are of high quality

          •  Sustainable designs

          •  Professional workmanship

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